Around the world – first stop … India!

Ok, so around five days ago I had a brainstorm. There are places all over the world that I would like to visit, but as of yet, the budget does not allow! So, instead, I decided to poll all five family members. Each person was asked to choose a country they would like to know about, particularly about the food from that country.

Sarah (oldest daughter), picked India. Zach (son), picked Mexico. Rachel (daughter), picked China. Husband picked Cuba, and I picked Morocco. Every selection was written on a piece of paper and placed in a hat with each person drawing from the same five. India won!

So now, for the month of January, we will be learning about India, the culture, and especially (since I love to cook!) – the food! We will be eating an Indian dish five days a week, with two days each week going back to our traditional fare. The to do list?

  • Find Indian recipes
  • Locate some good Indian dish cookbooks
  • Shop for special spices and ingredients from local Indian specialty stores
  • Perfect naan and basmati rice (already gave it one trial go!)
  • Solicit ideas, cooking secrets, and recipes from others (if you have any, leave a comment!)

We will pick a new country each month for all of 2010. Stay tuned for details of the first dish around the corner, and from around the world!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet Evans says:

    Very clever concept for a blog.

    Good luck!

  2. yay, you will have to come over!

  3. I will def. post pics> tomorrow naan, book, and basmati rice!

  4. Thanks and I will look for the recipes!

  5. Ken Maes says:

    This will be awesome blog and will be looking forward to reading it. If I come across some good recipes regarding Indian food I will send your way! I am excited for you!

  6. JC Hausburg says:

    I wish I was around to sample the fare!

  7. Kathy says:

    I am excited to see -post pics of the dish maybe the recipe too??? I ate a lot of Indian food when I dated Stephan. His roommate Anad was Indian. Yum!

  8. Kevin Baker says:

    So when do we get to eat flat bread?!

  9. Joanne Gildart says:

    Denise, this sounds very exciting. What a great idea! It never hurts to break out of the box, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to eat good Indian food!

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