I’m a Goan’ to the Beach-India Food and Culture

I thought North Carolina had the most beautiful beaches, that is, until I saw the beaches of India! Of course, nothing beats going there, but I can dream.

Last week was a tough one. The Haiti earthquake happened and it felt wrong to be on “vacation.” I still cooked and went through the motions and enjoyed the food, but I somehow couldn’t figure in “fun in the sun.”  Yet, I did cook and I remembered the Haitians, and prayed for grace in the midst of it all.

We had some fantastic cod last week. It was superb and delicate and best of all it was fish! I thought of my husband and the many, many times he caught us some good fish in the net.

We’ve had a lot of fish from that cast net (a tradition passed on to my husband from Uncle Roy). Uncle Roy hailed from the beaches of Pensacola, Florida and every time our family trekked down that way, Uncle Roy caught us some sweet tasting mullet. He’s passed on and now the tradition has been transferred to uncles and cousins, sons and my husband. Some of our best eating was when the fish was caught in the wee hours and my mother ‘n’ law would start-up the hot black skillet and fry them up! I think those were some of the best memories my kids and I have had.

I got up early one morning and made us some fish- Cod in Tomato Sauce- a four star meal if I say so myself! The cod was dusted in fine Indian spices- so subtle- and simmered in a creamy tomato cinnamony (my made up word) sauce set atop a bed of PERFECT Raisin Pilau (a saffron rice). It was a beautiful thing to behold and eat.

I said earlier I could dream. I did. I fantasized about the Arabian Sea, where some of the most popular beaches are located, off the Western coast of India! Anjuna is one of those palm loving, popular beaches in Goa. Who wouldn’t want to go when the scenic description of the beach says: “dancing and lying on the beach slurping tropical drinks!” Let me Goa to the beach.

India’s  fishing industry is big, with at least 200 sea miles stretching into the Indian Ocean. In Anjuna, fishing for Reef Cod is very popular to the locals. For the more adventuresome, like my son, crocodile hunting and spear fishing is on the itinerary; for me and the girls we’ll go snorkeling.

This week’s menu will be fusion-style Indian cooking- Indian spices combined with more contemporary food cuisines.

Beef and Vegetable Curry over Brown rice

Cod and Shrimp Coconut Curry

Basmati Rice and Vegetables

Tomato Biryani

Spinach and Potato Curry

Phir Milenge-see you later– at the beach with drinks and cute little umbrellas in them!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Emmy Marshall says:

    You’ve beautifully combined your loved of food, fun, family ,friends and information about other parts of the world – absolutely beautiful. It is a reflection of who y0u are, your passion, and your desire to share your passion with those around you. You enrich our lives everyday by sharing you with us. Love, Emmy

  2. sharon findlay says:

    what fun! I love reading the history and all the food so much inspired by country and traditions. YOur a very good writer and cook. I’m really enjoying this.

  3. Geraldine Baker says:

    I simply need to be there too, need to sample that good fish. 🙂 As to the NW Florida beach, let’s have some fresh fish this summer from that cast net.

  4. Sarah Baker says:

    noooooooooooo… I want some!!!! When is the potluck? It should be coming up soon, right?!?

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