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The “trip” is almost over and as with any vacation, there are places that didn’t get visited or foods that were not experienced. Yet, we have done so much and what a ride!

It’s not quite over, one more bang to celebrate the last days in India! We are going to the winery (well, the sommelier who ordered us Indian wine will take us there with his choices) and I have a menu of menus to savor, with the Indian music playing in the background and the colors and scents around us that will close out our week! Here ‘s what’s for dinner:

Tandoori Chicken

Jeera Chicken

Sizzling Balti Shrimp in Hot Sauce

Basmati Rice

Karahi Shredded Cabbage with Cumin

Balti Corn with Cauliflower

Cucumber Raita


Sesame Fried Fruits

Indian Wine and Iced Darjeeling Tea with lemon

We’re excited, the food will be expressions of places and influences of Pakistan, and Baltisan and the culture in our home will certainly be festive!!  Come on along, join us for the last day in India! Phir Milenge-See you later