Celebrating Cuba!!-It’s What’s for Dinner

It boggles my mind, February has almost come and gone and so has Cuba. My family and I once again, loved the food, the stories and it’s not over yet. If you scroll to the bottom, here’s what coming up in terms of a celebration!

I feel like I need to tell you more about what you can do in Cuba, but guess what, Cuba is hard to get to because of the polices of the United States.  Here is the latest from the Secretary of Treasury:

Individuals wishing to engage in travel-related transactions involving Cuba relevant to:

1) official government travel by officials of the U.S.
Government, foreign governments and international organizations
of which the United States is a member;
2) journalism by journalists regularly employed in that
capacity by a news reporting organization, including supporting
broadcast or technical personnel; or
3) full-time professional research conducted by professionals
in their professional areas, or attendance at certain
professional meetings or conferences.

So unless you fit into one of the above then you’re out! But here are a few pictures from a friend of mine who went and brought these back from habana,camaguey,trinidad, Guantanamo,and baracoa.  Another friend went as a visiting religious professor and he said that the hospitality he received was warm and welcoming.

Castillo de moro Santiago



If you are in my area, join me for a wonderful celebration of food, flavors, music and the reveal to our next “vacation”spot. To get in: bring something Cuban! Comment for the details.

Here’s what’s for dinner:

Bunuelos de bonato y yuca~~ sweet treats

Roasted Sweet Plantains


Ensalada de Coditas~~ Cuban Pasta Salad

Moros y Cristianos~~ red beans and rice



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  1. The seafood stew was the very best and at times the broth reminded me of the roux from shrimp gumbo! It will be one I make over and over again. It was a favorite. Now it is off to RUSSIA~~ thank you so much!

  2. Geraldine Baker says:

    ah…would be so good to have some asopado de Mariscos on this cool Sunday evening..could also take some roasted sweet plantains…

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