Russian Recipes Link and looking ahead.

For all kinds of history and information on Russia , check out the link:

Ordered the movies Dr. Zhivago and To Russia with Love coming from Netflix and looking forward to hearing about Russian stories from friends who have been there or know ALOT about the history- I will be calling on you.

Tonight, Chicken Kiev and Swan Lake music and I have throw in basketball too!

Do vstrechi- see you later!


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  1. Denise Baker says:

    Geraldine, I used perch and it was excellent! But you can use any firm fish, like cod. Yes, I have to be careful to use reduced fat cream. The other smetana- is a thick sour cream, but the other works and tastes just as good and less calories.
    The mushroom sauce is one of the best I have made so far.
    Thank you!

  2. Geraldine Baker says:

    My, did not realize that sour cream was used so much in Russian cooking. Going to be some great dishes. What kind of fish will you use for that dish? Will definitely be a gourmet meal I would enjoy!

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