Chao ong (ba)…Greetings in Vietnamese

I am sitting in my living room thinking of how much I really love Vietnamese food and culture, but alas, this is the last week in Vietnam and I feel like I just got here.

Here is a mention of some of the more interesting facts about Vietnam that I liked and wanted to know about and thought you might like also:

***China ruled Vietnam for thousands of years

***The French colonized Vietnam in the 19th century (french influences on Vietnamese food)

***In 1954 the Vietnamese won independence and divided the country: Northern Vietnam and South Vietnam

***Civil war between Northern and Southern Vietnam (Vietnam War) lasted 20 years

***Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam

***I love this~~ Famous for its biodiversity

***The northern part of Vietnam consists of highlands and the Red River Delta

***Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of rice

***Over 80 million people live in Vietnam

***Dragons and turtles are used in Vietnamese art and are two very important animals in this country

***The lunar new year or the Tet, is the most widely celebrated holiday to pray for a good spring planting

***Over 60% of the Vietnamese are Buddhist

***Tigers are still found in the north and believe it or not, you cannot find crocodiles in Vietnam

***We call it the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese call it the American War

And my favorite of all…….

***The Food is amazing!

See you later! ~~ Gặp lại sau nhé


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