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The love of my life is my husband. I could tell you all the great and wonderful things about him but that would bore you. But if I could share one reason after 22 years of marriage, why I am still in love with him, it would have to be that he treats me like a queen.

The great love of Ramesses life was Queen Nefertari. Known as Pharaoh Ramesees II, he was one of the most invincible  pharaohs that sat on the throne of Ancient Egypt. While he was known for his military might, he also had a sensitive side. Queen Nefertari and Ramesses II were married at a young age and for 20 years she was regarded as the most prominent of his royal wives. To show his love for her, he built temples in honor of her, carved images of her and commissioned statues to be fashioned after her.

While I am not carved into temples or have images fashioned after me, my husband treats me like royalty. You see, love is a verb for my husband. Showing me how much he loves me, is what he does. “How do I love thee, let me count and show you the ways.” Yes, it’s true, after all these years, I am still in love with you. Happy Anniversary Baby!