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Yes, I have neglected you in so many ways. I am guilty of looking the other way. I could give you all the excuses: the romance is gone; the novelty has worn away; you do not make me feel the same way; or even this- I have my eye on something better. The real truth is that one day of  turning my backside to you, turned into two, and then three; one month has become two months and yada, yada, yada.

Enough said about my lack of desire. I want to make a change. I want you to have me back, even if I am worried about how much I might have to work at this relationship~BLOGGING IS NOT EASY. I wish I had taken a pre-blogging class, similar to the classes that prepare you for what’s ahead: birthing; pre-marital. One that gives me the tools to make it for the long haul. I am ashamed to say that I could not last even 6 months!

So here I am begging you for a second chance at trying again. The best I can offer is that I can try to give this relationship a wholehearted effort. I love you blog. I miss you and want to share my evening life with you:)

So join me this evening for a Mexican Poolside Party for the love of  Mexican food. You know me if you live in this area, come on! All are invited! It is my Last day with you in Mexico as we have picked our new venture: Hint: Paella!

Hasta Luego!