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There is a Spanish Proverb that goes like this: “Three Spaniards, Four Opinions.” In our house, we have a similar saying: “Five Bakers, Six Opinions.”  Picking a country to “virtually” visit and cook elicits all kinds of comments. We have our reasons for why we each pick the country we want to learn more about- we defend that choice; we poll family members; we argue our opinions; we talk loudly so that we are heard. In the end, we end up having not five, but sometimes six and seven country options in the cooking pot.

Like winning the world cup, Spain won the cooking and culture choice of the month. It was not my choice, but it made our son very happy!  But you know, it’s food and fun and we love it all. I’ve ordered the cookbook and now I wait for it to lovingly appear from the Brown Truck. Until then, I have enlisted the net to help me with some recipes. I look forward to cooking Paella, making Gazpacho,serving  tapas, and drinking Spanish wines!

Join our family as we venture into a new place, that truly I hope to visit one day.