Japan…how did I get here?

I mean how did I let a month go by without a single post on Japanese culture and food? Easy. A lot has happened with our family in the month of September and I think I hit the wall hard.

I love Japanese food, especially Sushi. One our favorite local restaurants is Mt. Fuji, where the Sushi is mouth-watering and the wasabi hot! But there is more to Japan and Japanese food than Sushi.

The first obstacle to my cooking Japanese was the cookbook. I chose a book that was not very good, actually it was quite boring. Maybe I needed pictures and step by step how to’s. So after a week of flipping through the book and not finding the inspiration I needed, instead, we ate out at Japanese restaurants.

By the time the second week rolled around, we got the bad news-my sister n law died unexpectedly. No one was interested in eating Japanese food. Our friends and neighbors fed us that week. So maybe this was the reason for my lack of motivation and quite understandably why I did not want to cook at all, much less blog about Japanese food.

I have not been completely out of the loop on Japanese cooking for the month of September. I made the most delectable shrimp sauce for my Teryaki chicken and steak. The mushrooms in my chicken and rice dish were perfectly soaked and my miso soup gingerly whetted my appetite for more Japanese flavors. But alas, here I am in week 4 and I hit the big one.  For all one knows my impediment may be comparable to writers block-but instead it’s food block.

I like to think of this country like a business trip. I really cannot stop and see the sights or make time to check out the restaurants yet I tell myself next time I stop through here, I will make the time.

There is still some time this week to take down the wall brick by brick.

But here are at least two of the five dishes I have managed to make and it is conceivable that I may do a marathon event this week. Stay tuned and Sayonara.

Buckwheat Noodles with Vegetables

Teryaki Chicken and Steak!