Arrivederchi Italy!

I made a collage of just a few of my favorite foods and people. Some of them I have blogged and some are new photos. I will miss Italy and one thing that I did not post about is my love for opera. Every Thursday night, I listen to opera on my local radio station. No matter the country, cooking to opera, puts me a really good mood. I feel like I am at the opera. This month of Italian cooking has been especially nice as I have listened to a lot of Luciano Pavarotti. Take a listen to one of my favorites and you will know it too!






Join me as we are “traveling” to a new country! Turkey! We have a few Turkish meals under our belts and I cannot wait to share a few of the pics and recipes for you.

We will see you in Turkey, but until then, Ciao!


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  1. thai seo says:

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  2. julia521 says:

    oh my gosh, I love Italy! I’ve been once and when I was there, I told myself I am definitely coming back before I die! i was super excited to see a blog entry on this~!

  3. Thanks Liz!! Coming from an Italian, I am even all the more happy!


  4. Liz says:

    I love Italian food and the culture. Being a second generation Italian, I have fond memories of the food and have always dreamed of visiting Italy and the birth place of my grandparents.
    In one of your previous post, you mentioned that you never remembered your grandparents asking for a cappuccino. Come to think of it, mine never did either. LOL
    I enjoyed reading you ‘Trip to Italy’ posts and listening to Pavaritti’s “La donna è mobile”. Your recipes and pictures are fantastico.

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