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In Turkey for a week, and today I am too tired to do Turkish cooking. It may be Chinese pick up tonight. Oh well, some days are like that and to be totally honest, that strawberry milkshake I had at 4:00 pm today probably did it.

Stay tuned for the Spinach casserole but all is not lost, the Cabbage stew (Turkish) we had Monday night was excellent. The bad part the picture was bad.  The soup sort of reminded me of those cabbage soup diets, but with meat and potatoes. It was filling and warm for the chilly fall night. Speaking of the cabbage soup diet, the husband and I did that diet-well… we both loved cabbage and it seemed easy to do. When I  mentioned how this soup reminded me of the diet to Kev, I got a look and he said “do not even say that” or something to that effect. I am assuming Kev took that whole diet thing badly.

I won’t leave you without giving you something related to turkey! Enjoy:)

This was 2009’s Trash Can Turkey Event

The turkey tasted amazing. I bet you I can make this Turkish style for this year?

Daha Sonra bakin-see you later!