Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS

Deep in the Heart of Texas
Image by roxannejomitchell via Flickr

“The red ribeye- is big and wide,

Deep in the heart of Texas…”

Okay, so that’s not really in the song, but it could be. What is Texas without the Texas Longhorn? Right now, Texas has the largest number of cattle in the nation. Take that out of Texas and one might think that Texas would die. Not so. Other economic boons for Texas: leaders in the nation for sheep and goat products; and in past Texas economic history- oil, lumber, and cotton. Like many states today, research, information technology and defense leads Texas’s economic activity. But for now, the cow…

I grew up in Texas. I was not a farm girl. I was a city girl. I have a big heart for Texas. I have mentioned in other posts, that I seem to do everything big. If there is another saying that rivals “deep in the heart of  Texas” it would have to be “Everything is Bigger in Texas”-big cars, big ranches, big boots, big hat, BIG, BIG, BIG.

I love how Texans have an over-sized heart for everything. Join me as I “ride” into TEXAS. I am very excited to revisit tradition and Texas recipes. If you have read my last post, I wrote about traveling with suitcases full of mole- well I’m carrying my recipes and traditions in my travel bag along with some handy-dandy cookbooks to help me cook my way through February.

My first cook of the month: A VERY BIG ORGANICALLY GROWN RIB-EYE, grilled and rare…just the way we like it. Of course, we only bought one to share among four of us…It was pricey. It was almost 1lb (not big for TEXANS, I know). We got a bite of Texas…we were left wanting more. I hope I can find it cheaper somewhere else. Stay tuned for the menu next time.


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