From Russia with Love part 2

Patch Adams in Sri Lanka

Last year when our family embarked on our Russia “food and cultural trip” (see about me and this blog), we really had no idea what to expect. It was tough to find a cookbook with pictures. I was a babe looking for some instant gratification from my Russian cookbook that would help me to visualize the end product. The cookbook did not disappoint. I was left wanting to know more and cook more.

So, here’s our chance to do Russian cooking again. It started  because we found out our eldest daughter will be going to Russia-clowning-with Patch Adams visiting orphanages and nursing homes. I jumped in with both feet to help her come up with fundraising ideas. I was excited since I learned a little about Russia from last year’s blogging. She will be going in November and I told her it was going to be very cold and will need some extra layers to keep warm. (See photo of how strong the Russian woman is below)

I remember that in Siberia, it is extremely cold. Think of all the people wearing  fur and Russian style hats, eating lots of sour cream laden foods. Well, that’s some part of it, but cooking and learning about Russia in summer will be exciting.

On the menu there will be lots of mushroom sauces and fish recipes. Perhaps some Blinis with Salmon, and cabbage recipes. It would not be Russia if I did not try a few Borst and Beef Stroganov recipes. Yes, we will also figure out how to keep warm in clown clothing.

Come on along and check out the month of August and see what’s happening. Look for updates on how you can help us get the eldest to Russia- all the way from the USA to Russia with Love part 2.


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  1. stitchyspaz says:

    I love this!! Thank you so much. It will be SO FUN! I can’t wait.

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