Shucking Apalachicola Bay Oysters

More plump, meaty, succulent and mellow than other oysters, these Gulf of Mexico mollusks AKA Apalachicola Oysters slide down nice and easy.

Last night’s meal (an invitation to dinner) was a slammin’ oyster feast-shucking and sucking. I’m not much on the slippery slope of oysters, but I did have one with a cracker and butter. Husband however, slid those suckers down with one hand, while slamming the fist with the other-hubby’s translation: “slap your momma silly” good.

Husband is fun to feed. He has such passion for good food. I told him this morning, that I love to cook for him, because he makes all kinds of food noises (yummmm, wow-wee, smacking, and licking) and gives you all kinds of compliments. He’s like instant ratings and a thumbs up kind of guy. But back to the oysters for a sec. These oysters, comparatively speaking, are known to be some seafood chefs favorite kind to use. According to a New York Times article on the oyster “Food critics and restaurant owners from Miami and New Orléans say Apalachicola Bay oysters are among the finest in the world, if not the finest.” Yes, fine is a nice word to describe them.

Next time you have husband over for dinner, you will not regret it. Nothing fancy for him. But I will warn you ahead of time, leave some slappin’ room!


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