I am…crazy-busy looking into new countries so that I can cook and blog about the international foods and flavors -AND – cause I love this crazy process it’s time to stir the pot, raise the temperature and clean the dirty dishes again.

After a year of taking a cooking/blog writing breather, I find myself wanting to do more than dabble in this recipe or that cookbook. It has not been all spaghetti and tacos-although those two food items are pretty satisfying and with a bit of motivation an artistic expression of culinary skills- think fresh tomato sauce from just picked tomatoes or fish tacos.Yea, I thought so.

I pulled out of the recipe box a few foods that were noteworthy this past year: Lasagna; salmon and risotto; tortilla soup; enchiladas; chicken salad; artichoke dip; meatloaf; chicken cheddar soup.

So here’s the deal, it’s back to cooking internationally and blogging about the culture and food. I will start with Jamaica this summer, followed by Germany in October (Oktoberfest!) and end the year with fabulous French food. I just got my new cookbook on Jamaica and will be pairing it with a couple of my other international cookbooks-look for Jerk Chicken, Coconut dishes, curries, fish dishes and plantains. Let’s get started!

I leave you with a couple of lines from Bob Marley song “Smile Jamaica.”

Smile Jamaica lyrics

“Feeling now, feeling down
This feeling wouldn’t leave me alone
Then I came, the one that said
Hey Dread, fly Natty Dread

And smile (In Jamaica)
Want you to smile (In Jamaica)
Get it to together right now (In Jamaica)
Get things together right now (In Jamaica)”

Ya Man….see you later.


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