A Few of My Favorite Things Jamaican

Beach Chair Umbrellas

Color, music, spices, Marley, friends, heat, sardines, bush tea, reggae, fish, coconuts, tradition, family and prayers, are just a few of my favorite things that remind me of Jamaica in my month of cooking and culture. One more place to fill my “suitcase” with recipes and memories.  Thank you Jamaica for your sunny disposition and happy songs. Jamaica the land flowing freely with ya mon-ism’s. Sweet, sweet place-I love you Jamaica, with your hospitality that rivals any southern gent or gal. I do not have to go there (read “about this blog”), to know that after a month of cooking and reading about the culture, Jamaica’s ways are all-embracing. When I do get there, I know it will be the kind of place I can call home-a welcome mat and open arms pulling me in and never letting me go. Filling me with good things.

Come to Jamaica-this will be my “don’t worry, be happy” place. I’m there with my empty suitcase and straw hat-so when I come back, my suitcase is fattened with good, happy, and sunny memories.

Ya mon, Jamaica -you reggae.

Click Jamaican Recipes link on right for Jerk Chicken recipe.

Upcoming culture and cooking ventures: Plantation Cooking and Culture; Germany for Oktoberfest and I will close out the year with France in November.


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