Cheeses and Flowers and Breads, Oh my!

In a new town, and checking out the farmer’s market, Oh yeah. Finally. Springtime in the city. I can quit grumbling to the groundhog and sing praises to the lemony buttercups and buttery tulips. My tiger orchid just bloomed this past week and I could not help letting out a little squeal of delight.


Before I head over to the market, I want to state that I like to shop locally to support the farmers who bring food to our table. But if I could have three wishes, I would have a cheese shop across the street from where I live with a rack of freshly baked bread (ciabatta-my favorite) and flowers ready to go. I might even call this shop the “The Trinity.”


But alas, that is not the case so I settle for the farmer’s market in search of the perfect cheese to go with the perfect bread and the perfect bouquet. Right now in my fridge, I have at least four different kinds of cheeses-goat, cheddar, brie, and havarti. I could not walk away from the cheese isle in the grocery store the other day, and so I just had to grab a few cheeses. So far this week, I have used cheddar to top off a frozen pizza (hoped to make it more palatable); havarti in my sandwich, and brie for a fresh piece of bread that I did acquire. I’ll tell you about the goat with the beets in a future post.

Italian cheeses.

I made my way to the market hoping to find the trinity and beets. I left with a jar of local honey and a bowl of Cajun Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya from the Food Truck. Disappointed about not finding the beets-too early and maybe next time the farmer said.


Next Saturday will bring more surprises. But for now, the day was like a huge lemon-drop- a North Carolina spring sensation-a treat for the soul. Honey, and Jambalaya and Sun-how about those three for the trinity? I am calling it good. Good enough for a Saturday at the farmer’s market in a new town on a spring day-oh my.



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