Simply Soup

T2i - Fish

I imagined all kinds of things when I was a kid. My favorite imagining was that I wanted to be a fish (Warning: this is not a fish tale). The closest I got to it was having a goldfish. Day in and day out, contained in a glass aquarium, my fish swam and ate. Some nights, I would look at my gold-fish and imagined all kinds of things. Was she happy? Did she like her crumbly food? How would she complain? I imagined myself as that fish. A fish that could express what she wanted to be fed. I knew exactly what I wanted to be fed – simply soup. My favorite kind as a kid was Campbell’s vegetable soup. Maybe this was how I came to love soup so much. It was a good food memory. My fish has come and gone, but not my love for food fascination or food stories.

Food stories have a way of bringing people together. I started my Monday Night Soup Bowl as a way to connect my neighbors and community several years back and since then I have moved away from that community. Now living in a new place, I have wanted to have a soup season again. Starting in September up to Thanksgiving week we offer our home, every Monday Night to a bowl of soup to anyone who wants to join and share a common meal together.Yukon Potato Soup with Smoked Salmon Relish

Come join us. Simply soup and water and you can bring anything you’d like to add to the meal, but nothing special. Check out your cabinets and bring what you have. This is not fussy, just a way to enjoy and give thanks for community, friends and neighbors.

If you would like this weeks soup recipe: Yukon Gold Potato with Smoked Salmon Relish Soup click this link


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