Peruvian Chicken-(Mami Nora’s Style) with Aji Verde (Green Sauce)


Mami Nora’s is this fabulous hole-in-the-wall Peruvian Restaurant in Durham, N.C. We take all our out-of-town guests there. It is a finger licking good kind of place. I love their rotisserie chicken and often times they will run out of the stuff, especially on holidays.

I have always wanted to make this at home and searched for several months and finally found one. I can usually tell just by reading a recipe if it’s worth the time and this one is worth it! It is a weekend kind of thing, not something you start after work. The aji verde is key. You can’t have one without the other and it passed the husband test. He loved this stuff and if he liked it (like he love’s Mami Nora’s sauce) then it’s a go. Here is the link and you tell me what you think.

Chicken Photo credit goes to the Once Upon a Chef. My picture did not turn out as nice. But it did look like this, and my camera did not capture it as well as hers did.


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