Monday Night Soup Bowl Underground

IMG_0148Monday Night Soup Bowl Underground is a way to bridge community, friends and neighbors with a bowl of soup, bread and water in our home. This will be our 4th season-starting with the Monday after Labor Day up to Thanksgiving week.

Soup and WaterThis is as much a way for me to cook as it is to share what we have with each other. So if you have some of grandma’s fig preserves-bring it on.

Fakk cookies Gluten FreeLast night’s soup was Chicken, Bacon and Wild Rice from My Sweet Savannah blog – I have only a couple of changes to the recipe- less flour and add chicken bouillon instead of poultry seasoning. Check it out. The rest of the underground’s offerings included trifle, cookies, fruits, dessert bars, fresh figs, and yes, we did have fig preserves. A personal favorite- deviled eggs-what’s a southern meal with out the golden egg.

HandsThe best part- seeing new friends meet old friends. Community being the community-sharing a common meal.  What’s with the “underground” part? It comes from the trending “underground restaurant” phenom, where by with word of mouth, one can get invited to a paying dinner in someone’s home-and get a fancy chef prepared meal, kind of like a supper club and sometimes exclusive- it’s the latest foodie movement. As I have said many times, this Monday Night Soup Bowl is a word of mouth thing too but it’s open to all- so come on -invite a friend.

See you next Monday.


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