Vermicelli, Meat and Tomato Soup and other Stuff-Monday Soup Bowl

IMG_2551Soup Bowl Night on Mondays, you never know who’s gonna show up. You can only guess. This is a non RSVP event. Word of mouth and you hope that you strike a balance of making just enough soup and not running out of you never know until it happens.

1241070_10202140823101780_1758851733_nYesterday’s weather hinted that perhaps it was going to cool off just enough to sit on the patio. Temps hovered at mid 70’s and it turned out to be a cool evening to put a spoonful of allspice, cumin, and nutmeg spiced Egyptian soup to the lips.

1291812_10202140342049754_963018978_nThanks to everyone who showed up and showed out with your perfect accompaniments. Take a sensory inventory of just a few of the fall delights: Butternut squash casserole, smoked salmon dip, pumpkin rolls with maple drizzle and much more.

1368739_10202140443692295_685220729_nHere’s a little hint at how it works. I make soup, you bring stuff-whatever you have or want to share. That’s it. No invitations, just show up. I think it’s quite the deal. I realize that not everyone can climb up 43 steps. But any who came last night, we were glad that you did. You really made our world bigger because you were in it! Monday Night Soup Bowl-won’t you come on and join us next week!

1371761_10202140106843874_1194180656_nRecipe is listed in the related articles linked below. Check them out.



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