BOOYA Bowl- Monday Night Soup

1371144_10202197149509905_688566589_oThat’s right. BOOYA. Sounds frightfully Halloweenish. But not to be too terrified of the name, it’s really a hearty pork/chicken stew-soup. The word booya, I hear, evolves from the French word “bouillon.”

1353945_10202197159230148_79006338_oCan I just say this takes a bit of work and you might want to take this recipe and break it up over two days. Cook the pork, grill the chicken and chop the vegetables one day and throw it all together the next.

1375552_10202197187390852_1008510224_o1372315_10202197161870214_1019756471_oMy husband stated that the third Monday Soup Bowl was the charm. He liked it best, but there are still more soup Mondays to cover.

1353330_10202197195471054_864725190_o1371834_10202197192750986_1979890012_o-1You know what I like? It’s the stuff you bring. It’s always fun and a surprise to add to the meal your kitchen nibbles. You guys complete me. Thanks for showing up. There’s a running joke-if you have been to all the Soup nights- you are the 100% group. Doing this for three other years, there are few that make it to all- but so far this year-we got ourselves a committed group of souper bowl contenders. BOOYA!

1369353_10202197179470654_288005174_oHere is the link to the soup recipe:


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