Best Thai Recipe Green Curry Pork Tenderloin~Replicated

happy-birthday-1305615-mAn original recipe from Root Down restaurant in Denver, a food magazine reader wanted to make this Pork dish in her home. It looked complicated but interesting. I ruminated over it for sometime. I thought about the recipe ingredients, the look, the occasion, before I attempted to replicate it.

1353743_10202177128929403_903839391_oI found the occasion- a birthday for one of my girlfriends. I do not think we could have had a better meal. The quality of the ingredients, complexity of the meal-you know the kind-assembled and layered and visual presence made even a fussy cook happy for a night. It was the best Thai dish I had made to date.

If you want to make it, check out this link to the recipe- Just a couple of suggestions: marinate the meat as the recipe calls for, it makes it very flavorful and if you cannot find unsweetened coconut milk, go ahead and use regular coconut milk but omit the brown sugar.

Tell me what you think!!


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