Sweet Revenge

Revenge is sweet, but not fattening”~ Hemingway.

That quote is not true.

IMG_0183I used to work in a law firm where the majority of the workers were women. If you work in any office anywhere where there are two or more people, food will always be around the office in every corner-count on it. There was one guy who worked with us everyday, he was quiet and not as vociferous as the rest of us girls. He would often bring us goodies-of the most tempting and delectable kind. I told him on several occasions that I thought he was getting his revenge in the most subtle way- by fattening us all up. If he wasn’t able to express it with words, he did it with sweets. He coyly smiled each time he brought donuts, cookies, brownies and we all melted and swooned over the temptations. Hemingway got it all wrong- revenge is sweet and fattening.

IMG_0179It was a fattening and “sweet” affair for a night of kitchen soup. It was our Monday night ritual (6 and counting) of having anyone over for Monday Night Soup Bowl-Underground. Every Monday we open our place up for the neighbors, and community. If you get the word and climb up the stairs, we share a common meal and enjoy the table talk. It is a way for us to get to know you better.

IMG_0172IMG_0161IMG_0180Back to the “sweet” thing. We had a lot of that going on, starting with the Apple, Onion, Cheddar Soup accompanied by the Ham, Cheddar with a Cranberry, Honey Mustard sandwich. Not to be outdone by the soup, listen to some of our other nectarous kitchen nibbles: Chocolate pie, Ginger cookies, apple raisin salad, chocolate muffins. Here were some of our savory counterparts-spicy dip and chips, garden goodies-radishes and purple okra. We love it when you come and share your bounty with us.

IMG_0178If you like community, table talk and would like to meet some new people or even get to know some people better-drop in. We will have a bowl waiting for you.

Black Forest Ham Sandwiches with Cranberry Honey Mustard

Pumpernickel Bread

Black Forest Ham

Cheddar Cheese

Cranberry Sauce

Honey Mustard


Butter the outside of the pumpernickel bread and layer on the inside ham, cheddar cheese and a equal parts of cranberry sauce and mustard that have already been mixed and stirred together. Griddle the sandwiches and serve warm.


See other links below for other tasty treats.


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