Pear, Berry Charlotte-Ooh, La, La

Pear, Berry Charlotte Suzette, Betty, Madeleine, Melba, Victoria, Charlotte. What do all these names have in common? They were all names of women attached with the names of desserts-sponge, sweet bread, trifle, crepes, brioche. If you have never had one of these desserts, then you are surely missing some of the finest sweets that were probably made by your The one I made came from my foodie magazine Food and Wine– the recipe is called Guest-at-the-Doorstep Apple-Berry Charlotte. I think they named it this because I am sure that Grandma always had something ready to share for front door and back door guests. I made this like a pudding-custard with pears, mixed frozen berries and fresh blackberries-great warm and not bad cold either.

Check out the link for the recipe:

Also look at other fall desserts:


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