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I wanted to end French cooking in January with a treat! A You Tube video of a master French Chef. She was our All-American gal chef who taught thousands of wanna-be French cooks how to cook like the French. All so romantic, with the hope that we could transform our everyday cooking into something special. Just sit back and watch Julia Child work her magic on her PBS show The French Chef (no longer airing). It’s old school style-black and white television. She had some charm in the day and I can see why she had and continues to have a cult following. After you watch the show, check out how I managed to get through January with one French dish at a time. Julia Child French Onion Soup on The French Chef. January’s French Cooking (a few items 2 times)

I will step it up in February adding a few more dessert items. I really wanted to make at least 30 dishes a month to really steep myself more into French cooking. Yet, my mind is making that transition-I don’t think of cooking French food but instead I think French food is what I know. Let’s see how February flows- still excited about all the possibilities.