Vingt et un. French Grocery Basket (in your normal grocery store)~La Cuisine Française

French FoodsSNOW!!!! is coming to the South. So is ice AND sleet and I needed to stock up-fast. I had not created the “French” menu for the week and I almost ditched it in favor of getting bread, cold cuts, canned ravioli, soup, milk and coffee to hunker down.

I had already mentioned in an earlier post that my brain had made a shift from thinking about “what French meal will I make today?” to what has become more automatic now and it is French without even thinking.

Here is my process when I make a menu-get a cookbook or magazine and plan my meals from that. That’s it. I now look at French cookbooks, articles and blogs, to make my menu. Nothing else. I have trained my brain to think, eat, sleep, French. When I watch something on Netflix, I automatically check out the French movies or documentaries (check out King of Pastry-WOW!!). When I fall asleep, I think of my meal for the next day or a blog post and it goes on and on and on like that!

My Menu for the cold snowy week looks like this and it does include Bread, soup and cold cuts:

  • Pain Perdue (French Toast)
  • Brioche Loaves
  • Soupe Au Pistou (Provençal Vegetable Soup)
  • Pissaladière (Provençal Pizza)
  • Gratin de Côtes d’Agneau aux Légumes (Gratin of Chops and Vegetables)

French BasketIn my area, grocery store shopping can sometimes prove to be difficult at times. My local grocery store does not carry organ meats, rabbit, goose, but it did carry everything I needed for this week and I had to plan around my store.

With all the above in mind, I want to tell you that French cooking does not have to be hard or something to be feared. It takes planning, a little time, and desire. If you have those three for cooking or for that matter anything, then you have a good start. So get cooking or running, or loving or whatever but just make it happen and for me that means getting up and making some bread before the electricity goes ou…….


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