Trente et un. A Lenten Journey~La Cuisine Française


These last couple of days I have had plenty of time to think about French Cooking. An Ice Storm hit us and we were out of light and electricity. I was able to do things via my mobile device (for however long that lasted) but French cooking and technique was out of the picture. We were the fortunate ones to get power -15 hours later yet still sketchy. Others today are still without.

Losing power during this bad storm meant eating or cooking everything before it went to waste.

Here’s a rundown of what I had in the fridge- a leftover Paella that I made the night before- a fusion French Spanish Paella (post to come), Gruyere, nicoise olives, butter, o.j. endive, mushrooms, asparagus, sausage, thyme, parsley, lots of condiments, probably fungi, and Canadian syrup. The freezer was stocked with-soup bones, stock, popsicles, tomato paste, chicken livers, sausage, green peas and onions.

We gathered a few items to take to a friend’s home -the Paella, some bread and sausage. I would certainly have cleared out the fridge if our power did not come back on..but it did!! Thanks to dear friends for entertaining us and sharing food. We managed to get through it and like I said we were the fortunate ones.

It is Monday and I am looking at future French cooking. Now that the threat of ice, snow and freezing weather is leaving our state, I am totally gearing up for fresh French. But first things first. I am going on a Lenten journey (check out link for what this means). I am taking a break from social media and blogging for a season.

So here is what that means for my cooking, writing and social media. I will take a break from:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linked In
  • WordPress Blogging (please stay with me though~)
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Google+

Geeze, I do a lot of social stuff and that’s only on the computer. How do I have time to really connect with people face-to-face? Right now, I need a season to reflect on other things for a while. During this time I will continue to work on French Cooking and Technique-more fish and vegetarian meals and less meat. I hope you will stay with me! I will definitely post on my French finds. But for now, I will rest my mind from these things and return on Easter! I will be so happy to see you all then. Peace, love, joy and prayers to you my friends, to keep you safe, warm, and filled with good things!!




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