Au Revoir to France and ¡Hola Latin America!

cheese souffleI am so thrilled that I MADE IT!!!! SIX months! Did you hear me scream from the rooftop? For so many reasons I am happy and ecstatic. I spent 6 months cooking in a tradition that bloody scared me. French cooking is intimidating even for the experienced cook and yet, I made a vow to not cook one or two dishes but I learned how to cook over 150 French dishes!!

I made almost all the traditional dishes like coq au vin, boeuf bourginon and lots of other well-known ones but also not so well-known others- like eggs and vinegar. chicken feet and potato dishes. For six months I thought, ate and breathed in French. I have often said that when I spend many hours learning a new cooking tradition, my cooking transforms me in a very natural sense. No longer was I saying “I am making a French dish”, instead, it was a dish that I happened to be cooking. So, I say au revoir to France and French cookery, but not goodbye to technique especially with sauces, and how I cook fish, chicken and beef. After all, au revoir means until I see you again!

Argentinan chickenBUT ¡Hola!! to Latin America. I started with reading recipes and shopping at my local Latin American markets. If I thought French food cooking was difficult… I forgot that a few years back when I focused on Mexico and the cooking tradition- how labor intensive the cooking was!! I think once I get a rhythm, I am going to bang out some platos fabuloso!

mayan fishTonight’s meal will be a Mayan dish of fish with an achiote paste and a citrusy glaze. Accompanying the fish I am making a garlic scented cabbage (cabbage grown by my friend) with a hint of red peppers. In honor of Argentina’s game right this very minute, check out my kick-off, kick-butt dish last week Argentinian Chicken (recipe will follow). It was a gooooooaaallllllll!!!! Go World Cup!!


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  1. Swarupa says:

    Hi Denise, lovely blog! Thanks for sharing my post on Mexican cuisine…Cheers 🙂

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