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Purple Potatoes, White Japanese Eggplant, Carrots, and PepperYou may have heard of “GREEK WEEK” on many college and university campuses which basically is a blitz on fun, frivolity, and food among the sororities and fraternities. For me, it’s Greek week too- an energetic and concerted effort to cook a lot of Greek foods in my last week of January.

Here’s the down low- get all my food items made (and blog about it), listen to awesome Greek songs, offer prayers for the Greek people, and try to get some Greek reading in. It is going to be a busy week and I look forward sharing what will be coming down the pike as I attempt Greek Week- fun, frivolity and food!

Menu for the next 7 days:

Shrimp with Feta and Tomato, Greek Salad

Macedonian Rice Stuffing with whole Chicken

Moussaka, Once  A Year Bread

Roast Lemon Potatoes, Honey Cakes

Cabbage Rolls, Fried Tomato Fritters

Baked Lamb with Rice Shaped Pasta

Spinach Rice, Olive bread

Fisherman’s Soup, Sesame Pistachio Snack

OPA!!! and don’t forget to check back as I reveal the 16th country that I plan to cook and learn about in February.