Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts on our world adventure!!

1. We travel to these places (but not on an airplane, bus, euro rail, ship, kayak, parachute or otherwise) it is all virtual, with a great cookbook and a suitcase full of recipes.


My most amazing loving son and a United States Marine.

2. I have been a meal planner all my life and there are so many good recipes, and cookbooks and our family sees as many as four new dishes on the menu each week. It is very exciting to see what the week will look like. But here are some of our favorites that will often show up on the menu- spaghetti, twice baked potatoes, steak, tacos, asparagus, Seafood (my son’s favorite), Thanksgiving food fare, and Ham at Easter. But I am always coming up with something more creative to make and you will definitely find that in my menus.

3. I usually prepare at least 20-30 meals from that chosen country. We really become immersed in the cooking, culture, and music. We offer prayers for that country and for their contributions to our lives. We recognize our connectedness even if we are oceans apart.

4. When we can we love to invite neighbors, friends and anyone else who can get the news to come over and bring a dish from that featured month’s country. But we love to share our food with friends and our community. I like to take food that I am cooking that month to an event and share my passion.

My oldest-loves life and traveling-always giving away hugs, smiles and kisses. she is also in the healthcare and service industry.

My oldest-loves life and traveling-always giving away hugs, smiles and kisses. she is in the service industry.

5. Once we went to an Italian restaurant with my then 22 year-old daughter and she introduced us to her newly made friends from Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. She mentioned to them my blog and it happened to be that I was cooking food fare from Turkey. From there, we bantered as to which of three countries had the best food. Loving the connections and instantaneous conversation around international food. It was a good night.

6. There is also a featured drink involved for each country. For example, we have had Darjeeling tea from India, thanks to my friend who brought some back from England (read my post about the English/India connection); Mojitos made from my Mexican Native friend. Champagne and Vodka from Russia. Cubano coffee and a real CUBAN coffee maker loaned to me by my CUBAN co-worker; Thai Tea, Rose Water from Egypt and so much more. We live in a great country don’t we? I love that this year-long venture has become an intentional way of relating and living.

7. The most challenging month was Japan. The most surprising cooking country was Mexico-who knew there were so many different kinds of Mexican food dishes and took the longest to prepare- so many steps. Most fattening-Russia. The lightest fare-Vietnam. My favorite dishes and drinks-Beef Stroganoff (Russia), Cuban Sandwich, Egyptian Rice, Braised Onions and Roast (Italian), Darjeeling tea, France’s Beef Bourginion, Injeera Bread (Ethiopia), Moussaka (Greece), Crying Tiger Steak (Thailand), Poblanos (Mexico) and the list can go on!

My youngest-determined and fearless. Studying Spanish and hopes to one day live in a Latin American Country.

My youngest-determined and fearless. A Spanish Major Graduate with continuing studies in American Sign Language.

8. I think you might like to read more on what I am now doing for Thailand for February 2017. The year is ready to go with Syria, Sweden, Iran, Bolivia, Congo, South Sudan and Kenya cooking.

9. Update: This Past summer (’16) my husband and I took a European tour across France, Italy and Spain. For now, I am learning to cook Syrian Food beginning in March 2017.

Hope you will join me on this tour!!



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