A Long Intermission

I am taking some time to pause, to cease, to wait. Cooking and writing for 14 months straight has been the highlight of my life in 2010 and part of 2011. Come this July, our family will have a new highlight-moving. I’ve known for awhile that my husband and I are moving households. I decided to take a breather to prepare.

Here’s what the Intermission looks like:

Lots of cans of Ravioli and Spaghettios;

Lots of Frozen Foods;

No meat or seafood -Husband really hates that;

Take out food-Pizza and Chinese;

Tempeh and Tofu-kids hate that;

No Potluck Parties-neighbors hate that.

I like to think that my intermission is a time of renewal. I am almost back to the parties, the food, the writing, but not just yet. I need to move first. My next phase of cooking will not be so intense. Maybe a few nice dinners with my family is what I need. I’ll start tomorrow with Lasagna.


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