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photo-1I am giving up coffee. That statement alone scares me. I am taking up tea. Replacing my morning cup of joe with a cup of tea, leaves me wondering-what the heck? It happened while I was nursing some sort of flu and the only remedy was a cup of soothing and mellow tea. Coffee would just get me going and I wanted the citrusy and berry flavors of tea to calm me. Of late, I picked up some boxes of green and oolong tea to make it almost official. I also converted a cigar box that I found for $2.00 (sans the cigars) into a tea caddy-seriously.

Perhaps my taste buds are changing, but mostly the taste of coffee feels a bit thick. Anyone else have that feeling? But here’s the thing, I can drink tea anytime of the day and not feel like I will be up half the night. Or I can make a cup at 3:00 in the morning and be okay to go back to bed! I do have those chamomile kind of tea leaves so the caffeine is not there to jolt me awake.

734000_10151305310856557_180059811_nInterestingly, tea cups are my thing. I have a very nice collection that I like to use for entertaining and they each have a story. But mostly I used them for that-entertaining. I even have a set of postcards bound in a book of tea cups called “Art in a Cup-Cups and Saucers 1860-1950.” It’s time to resurrect the tea cups and put aside the coffee mugs. Maybe it’s not so odd or scary that I am drinking tea after-all.

Now to find the perfect tea sandwich or scone to go with my afternoon cup of tea.

Good Day all!